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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Feed the Family for $10 Eating Out

By now you know I am organized and a planner, sometimes to a fault. I enjoy cooking, but there are those days that just haven't gone my way and I need a break. A while ago I had a very wise friend, with 7 children, who taught me a great trick to eating out affordably. So I dedicate this to you Sharon.

We can feed 4 kids and 2 adults for around $10 at many places. Here is how this works:
Order 2 small chilis with onion (I like the extra flavor) $1.98
Order each child a hamburger, cheeseburger or chicken sand $3.96
Order 2 double stacks $1.98
1 order of spicy nuggets $.99
1 lg. fry (shared by all) $1.89
We either bring our own drinks or have water
Total $11

To even make this a better deal we don't order fries and bring chips or fruit along.

Del Taco/Taco Time
Del Taco has 3 tacos for $1 on Tues. Recently they have been .39 every other day
I order 10 of these and 1 cheese quesadilla--Total $6
We order water or bring drinks

Taco Time has a small dollar menu, but the kids like the chicken burritos

Many places have online deals, but if you don't have a coupon 5 Buck has $5 pepperoni and cheese large sized pizzas for carry out only. Big Daddy's has $5.55 pepperoni or cheese; $6.66 for Hawaiian or $7.77 for combo carry out. And there's always Little Caesars--recently they've been sending out free crazy bread coupons with any purchase too.

I usually get one large pepperoni, one large cheese--I ask them to cut it breadstick style or not to cut it at all since this makes an easy breadstick option without paying for additional "breadsticks," and one medium Hawaiian. There are leftovers for lunches the next day and we spend about $16.

We buy 2 or 3 foot longs and split them between us. I get all the veggies the kids will eat on them and then those who hate it can pick it off after they try it first.You also earn Subway points on your card if you have one (if you don't ask for one) and you can redeem these later for free items.

Carl's Jr.
Great 99 cent chicken sandwich. Kids eat free on Wednesday with paying adult

Basically the rules to saving money when eating out boil down to this:
1.Go through the drive through to order main meal items and supplement at home or take it to the park. You'll spend less and eat better.
2. If you are eating in the fast food place, bring your supplements (drinks, fruit, chips, etc.) from home.
3. Use coupons
4. Eat off the dollar menu
5. Drink water--healthy and cheap
6. Share large portions--one large fry can feed a family of 6 if you let it.

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