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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Planting the Pefect Container

There probably isn't a magic secret or formula that will ensure that your Perfect anything is the same as my Perfect anything. That's what makes life exciting right? I am no expert, however, over many years of trial and error I have learned a few things about how gardens grow.

Here's a few tips on how to construct a monument of living beauty in your yard.

Before You Plant

1. Containers- Choose an interesting container. We had an old waterfall that we used for this planter pictured above. Loved the container, didn't love waterfall maintenance. When the motor died, it seemed like a pretty great idea to create something new from something old. Upcycled tool boxes, crates, large bowls and metal milk pails all work well. Make sure you drill for proper drainage if necessary.
2. Soil- choose the right soil- there is specific soil that helps plants grown in containers and pots. Most Home Improvement stores carry it.
3. Sun-Think about the placement of the container. It's location will determine which plants will thrive in your container.
4. Water- you may need to add small drippers or sprayers to the pot to ensure proper watering.
5. Fertilizer- remember to feed your plants regularly through the growing season.

 The Three Must Haves

1. Thriller- This is the focal point of your container. It should be taller than the rest of the plants to draw initial interest to the container. This thriller at the back of this pot, is a Red Palm of some variety. There are a variety to choose from including Calla Lillies or ornamental grasses.

2. Spiller- this is the pink flower on the right side of the container. I chose a cascading petunia for this pot, but there are many trailing flowers or vine-type plants that will cascade as they grow. Again, you want to make a bright, bold statement.

3. Filler- this is the last, but not the least, step in creating a living piece of art. Choose plants that grow shorter and wider than your Thriller. The purpose is to fill in the dirt gaps that are left after planting your Thriller and Spiller. Some good choices include Petunias, Coleus, Lantana or Penta flowers. Any bright colored annual that is small should work well.

Stay tuned for my series about re-landscaping your yard into something you'll love!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DIY Drab to Fab Dresser

I realize that even if I had money, I would still be a penny pincher. It's just me. I like the adrenaline rush of seeing my grocery bill decrease with coupons, or seeing how big of a discount I can get on clothing or household items. Saving money is my "drug of choice"...followed closely by Pinterest.

I had the great idea to repaint my little girls' dressers awhile ago. Remember THIS?? So it got me to thinking that maybe some of these restyling ideas should be for me.

I had this old dresser..something like this one, but not exactly since I forgot to take a pic before my restoration began. You get the idea.So just the basic white dresser. And it's super boring. I attended a class by Brooke Ulrich over at All Things Thrifty last summer. If you haven't visited her site, you are missing out! The girl is a whiz at awesome DIY. Check her out by clicking here. She gave me the courage to paint what I hated and that led to a new life for this boring dresser...
So here I am with my ugly dresser. The top is scarred, and none of it's pretty. My hubs taped off the sides for me, removed the dresser drawers and we went to work. I love the color combo of grey-white and black, super classy.
Since I just painted my home office grey I used that paint, along with a little of this... Rust Oleum Hammered Black paint with primer. It took two coats of each color of paint I used (grey and black), and luckily for me it dried fast! The drawers were already white, so I left them, and sprayed the knobs with the same Hammered Black as the top.

The final reveal...
Total cost for me $6. But if I didn't have left over paint I would have used 1-2 cans of "Dove Grey" spray paint ($5-$6 per can). You can also use molding to give the bottom or top of a piece a new look. The original bottom of this dresser was plain and in an attempt to upcycle it a few years ago we added molding (cost was under $6).

I am hoping all the love and attention I gave this dresser will make it more fun to put away laundry!?!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Coppertone Clearly Sheer Bzzagent Review

It's time for another review! I love being a Bzzagent and trying new things! It's a great gig! This week I tried Coppertone Clearly Sheer sunscreen. I personally like this sunscreen for me, however, a couple of my kids broke out in a slight rash so in full disclosure let me say if you have sensitive skin, you may want to try another sunscreen. This is supposed to be good for those with acne prone skin, fyi.

I want to share my personal experience just so, in full disclosure, everyone knows this sunscreen does work for people with less sensitive skin.  It does absorb quickly, and doesn't feel greasy. I liked it's fresh scent. It felt light and fresh, and I could use it under my makeup without it feeling runny or sticky. This product did not clog my pores, and did provide full protection. It feels differently on my skin than other sunscreens, especially on my face. I wasn't even a bit red, even after being in the sun for several hours.

I do have free samples and coupons for you readers to try if you would like.

Thanks Bzzagent and Coppertone for letting my try this product for free! If you are interested in becoming an agent, just let me know! It's fast, easy and fun!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

How To: Make Perfect Pasta

The beginning of Summer is nearly here! I had to share this great little tip from my friend and neighbor Chelsea (and her Mom) on how to cook the perfect pasta. So easy, you'll thank us a million times! Get out those amazing summer pasta recipes and try this trick.

Perfect Pasta
1. Boil 6-8 cups of water (I use a few shakes of salt in my water)
2. Once the water is boiling add the pasta. Boil for 3 minutes. You want to keep a nice, steady boil going.
3. Remove pasta pan from heat, and cover with lid.
4. Let pasta sit, covered in the hot water, 8-10 minutes.
5. Drain, rinse and add Olive oil to reduce sticking.

This pasta turns out to be the perfect bite every time.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bzz Agent Review-Wonka Peel-a-Pop

As a Buzz Agent I often get free products to review. They give me free samples and I get to share my opinion. Great job ehh?

This week's review is Wonka Peel-a-Pop. 

These are banana shaped ice cream you can peel and eat. This is a perfect summer treat: low calorie, cool treat, and fun to eat. 

School's almost out and these are a great addition to our summer fun! Want to give them a try? I have coupons to share!

Monday, May 12, 2014

More Summer Fun Ideas

Here's is an awesome list of things to do, just in case you needed more summer fun ideas!

Click Here for the List

HaPpY AwEsoMe SuMmeR!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer Fun

Check out this post HERE for a great way to keep track of all the fun you have this summer! Thanks Enjoy Utah!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bucket List Summer

With Summer Vacation quickly approaching it's time to get organized with some things that will keep boredom away. Here's a quick "bucket list" of things to do to make fun Memories this year.

  1. Draw with Sidewalk Chalk
  2. Go to a Bee's Baseball game. Click Here for Promo Nights
  3. Visit the Conservation Garden Park (Free) Details Here
  4. Make Giant Bubbles
  5. "Paint" Items Outside with Water  (It dries and there is no mess!)
  6. Go to a Local Fishing Pond
  7. Backyard Camp-out
  8. Gilgal Sculpture garden 700 E. 500 So. Free More Info Here
  9. Peppermint Place American Fork MWTH 10-3; candy seconds More Info Here
  10. Barnes and Noble Reading Program-Free book- print Free Book HERE
  11. Utah Cultural Center-More info Here 
  12. Viridian Event Center-part of the SLCo. Library System-Calendar Here
  13. Local Library events
  14. Home Depot kids club-Saturdays see store for details 
  15. Draw Monster Pictures on Paper with markers, Hang them in the Yard and “Melt” them with the Hose or Spray Bottle
  16. Visit the local canyon for breakfast, lunch or dinner. $3 per car for usage fee.
  17. Go on a Treasure Hunt for Rocks and Paint them
  18. Participate in the Summer Movie Program! (Kid Friendly Movies are only $.50 during the Summer!)
  19. Participate in Kids Bowl Free click here
  20. Outdoor Picnic
  21. Make Backyard Smores
  22. Head to the Zoo
  23. Have a water day- water balloons, water slides, water park, splash pad
  24. Take a Tour of a Fire Station
  25. Go to Wheeler Farm
  26. Go on a Family Hike
  27. Have a Movie Night Outside and invite the neighbors
  28. Make Homemade Ice Cream
  29. Head to a Free Fireworks Show or Have Your Own at Home
  30. Do a Family Game Night with Fun Prizes at the End
  31. Go on a Bike Ride
  32. Go Geocaching -South Jordan info can be found HERE
  33. Go to a Park and Feed the Ducks
  34. Have Bath time in the Bathtub with Glow sticks!
  35. Build a Fort Inside on a Rainy Summer Day
  36. Let them Color on your Windows with Window Markers or Crayons
  37. Purchase Solid Colored Shirts and Hand Kids a Bleached Pen to Create their Own Designs
  38. Make Your Own Playdoh
  39. Do an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt
  40. Color Ice Cubes and Set on the Drive way to Melt
  41. Finger paint with Pudding
  42. Make Tin Foil Dinners and Cook them in the Oven.
  43. Teach your Kids to Sew.
  44. Make cute hair clips with your Kids.
  45. Find Shapes in the Clouds
  46. Go to the Library Each Week and Read Books at the Park
  47. Make Homemade Popsicles
  48. Backyard Tic Tac Toe
  49. Make a Marshmallow Shooter, Spray Paint the Outside and Have a "war"
  50. Blow Up Balloons and Cut Water Noodles in Half for a Fun Game.
  51. Make Your Own Slime
  52. ABC Hunt- Write all 26 Letters on your Driveway and Find Items Outside and Place Next to Each Letter.
  53. Make Rootbeer Floats
  54. Go to One of the Free Museum or Free National Park Days in your area
  55. Play Night Games- flashlight tag, "snipe hunting," hide and seek, etc.
  56. Make SnoCones at Home
  57. Plant a Garden
  58. Go to a Dinosaur Museum (Thanksgiving Point or Ogden have great ones)
  59. Play in the Splash Pad and visit The Gateway
  60. Go Star Gazing
  61. Go Miniature Golfing
  62. Head to Free Movies in the Park (Check local cities for times.)
  63. Do a Kid Fun Run
  64. Make Your Own Lava Lamp
  65. Go to a Library Storytime
  66. Go to a Carnival or County Fair
  67. Visit Oquirrh Lake in Daybreak
  68. Make Necklaces out of Colored Pasta
  69. Have a Princess Tea Party Outdoors
  70. Have a Muddy Sandbox Day
  71. Travel to New Playgrounds
  72. On Rainy Days, Create a Homemade Music Video
  73. Write with Chalk on your Trampoline.  (It washes right off and looks more like a Chalkboard!)
  74. Make homemade Popsicles with fruit juice and Popsicle molds.
  75. Have a read-a-thon day at the Park with treats.
  76. Door Bell Ditch Someone with Ding Dongs!
  77. Run through the Sprinklers (not secondary water!)
  78. Farmer’s Market (SLC, South Jordan, Wheeler Farm, Herriman all have one)
  79. Art Festival
  80. Sno Shack visit
  81. Ice Cream truck- buy a treat
  82. Visit Scheel's- ride the Ferris Wheel ($1) and watch the fish being fed (Events Here)
  83. Visit Cabella's 
  84. Attend a High School Sport Game
  85. Go to the Drive In Movie
  86. Waffle Love
  87. Make Rock Candy (Recipe Here)