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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Planting the Pefect Container

There probably isn't a magic secret or formula that will ensure that your Perfect anything is the same as my Perfect anything. That's what makes life exciting right? I am no expert, however, over many years of trial and error I have learned a few things about how gardens grow.

Here's a few tips on how to construct a monument of living beauty in your yard.

Before You Plant

1. Containers- Choose an interesting container. We had an old waterfall that we used for this planter pictured above. Loved the container, didn't love waterfall maintenance. When the motor died, it seemed like a pretty great idea to create something new from something old. Upcycled tool boxes, crates, large bowls and metal milk pails all work well. Make sure you drill for proper drainage if necessary.
2. Soil- choose the right soil- there is specific soil that helps plants grown in containers and pots. Most Home Improvement stores carry it.
3. Sun-Think about the placement of the container. It's location will determine which plants will thrive in your container.
4. Water- you may need to add small drippers or sprayers to the pot to ensure proper watering.
5. Fertilizer- remember to feed your plants regularly through the growing season.

 The Three Must Haves

1. Thriller- This is the focal point of your container. It should be taller than the rest of the plants to draw initial interest to the container. This thriller at the back of this pot, is a Red Palm of some variety. There are a variety to choose from including Calla Lillies or ornamental grasses.

2. Spiller- this is the pink flower on the right side of the container. I chose a cascading petunia for this pot, but there are many trailing flowers or vine-type plants that will cascade as they grow. Again, you want to make a bright, bold statement.

3. Filler- this is the last, but not the least, step in creating a living piece of art. Choose plants that grow shorter and wider than your Thriller. The purpose is to fill in the dirt gaps that are left after planting your Thriller and Spiller. Some good choices include Petunias, Coleus, Lantana or Penta flowers. Any bright colored annual that is small should work well.

Stay tuned for my series about re-landscaping your yard into something you'll love!

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