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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Redesign on less than a Dime!

I told you I was getting busy repainting and re-purposing our interior decor. I am working on a new design for the dining room table, but until I figure that out (I hate math--and it takes math to figure out what I need) I worked on these...

 These cute dressers were my mom's and have been well loved by many little girls.

 They are in great shape and really solid. After some prep work and some inspiration from a girl in my Garden Club I had some ideas.
Their walls in my little girls' room are this fun Raspberry pink (above). Since I had some paint left over...I repainted the dressers and a matching desk. And below is the final result. I used what I had, and recreated this lovely dresser. Now when they put away the clothes they know white drawer-socks; pink drawer shirts & pants; Raspberry drawer pj's and seasonal gear. Thanks to my left handed husband for the color design on the dual tone drawers--both the idea and labor were all him.

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