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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Triumphant Return...or Something Like That

College Finals over-check
PTO Fundraiser successful- check
Kids Homework winding down- check
15 loads of laundry cleaned & put away- check
Garden planted- check
Sanity restored-----Wishful thinking :)

Summer is almost here! What am I going to do with all this new found time? I am going to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts; hang out with my kids at the splash pad; and read a good book poolside on our vacations. I think I've earned it have you.

As a celebration treat the hubs bought me my favorite Mousse Dome from our favorite local bakery,  Kneaders. If you haven't tried them --the dome or the bakery, it is a MUST. He tried their Raspberry Bread Pudding--and Oh My Gosh! Good stuff--and I am not a Bread Pudding person. So of course I have to try it. Here's one version of the recipe that I like--it uses less cream and sugar. I also have the luxury of going to my garden to get the raspberries so this may be the hit of the summer. I am also going to try making the Chocolate Mousse Domes, one recipe version is found here.

Since we will have lots of free time I found this handy link of 75 Free (or nearly free) Summer Fun Ideas. Thanks Melea for putting this together so I didn't have to!

With the time that's left for the summer I am going to finish "remodeling" and "refinishing" our house and the crap that fills it. They'll be some room re-purposing, repainting and redistribution of worldly wealth house wide this summer. And I will be magically figuring out how and when to get us on a vacation for Christmas--skipping presents and opting for making will be an experiment on many levels--I'll keep ya posted.

Enjoy Summer!

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