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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer Freebies

It's almost here...3 months-no school. Just fun, water parks, picnics, vacations and relaxation. (See I'm hoping if I put positive thinking out may become reality.)

I am really excited to spend some time outside of a school building, since I got to spend so much time inside one this year. I am now completing my year long service as the local PTO president, and I had an amazing year. It was fun to see the students grow, and get new opportunities. It was fun to see my kids a lot in their environment. It was awesome to renew my own personal friendships, and make new ones. All in all--an Extraordinary year!

So now we've got summer... and I needed a few ideas to keep my crew busy.

Reading is still important even if we're not in school. Barnes & Noble has a great summer reading program where kids can earn a free book. Click Here for the form and details.

Check out the local library for weekly reading times, shows and other special events. If you live in my locale go Here for the latest and greatest info.

June 5th is free fishing day. Check out this link for more info. If you like the outdoors there are hundreds of National Parks (click on link) or State Parks (click on link). At the SL County Libraries you can get a free 1 week pass to the State Parks--you have to have a card and check it out from the library, but a great money saving idea for a family vacation.

Don't miss the Kids Bowl Free program. Or the Kids Skate Free program. Info can be found by clicking the highlighted link above. Also many movie theaters have a kids summer program. Click Here for Details. You could also make your own movie, or take video clips along the way of each adventure you have and make it into a video journal of your awesome summer adventures.

If you live in Utah here's another link of Free Days at local attractions funded by our ZAP (Zoo, Arts and Park) tax. As a part of this grant, these locations have to sponsor free days to the public. More info. can be found Here.

Happy Adventures!

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