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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DIY Drab to Fab Dresser

I realize that even if I had money, I would still be a penny pincher. It's just me. I like the adrenaline rush of seeing my grocery bill decrease with coupons, or seeing how big of a discount I can get on clothing or household items. Saving money is my "drug of choice"...followed closely by Pinterest.

I had the great idea to repaint my little girls' dressers awhile ago. Remember THIS?? So it got me to thinking that maybe some of these restyling ideas should be for me.

I had this old dresser..something like this one, but not exactly since I forgot to take a pic before my restoration began. You get the idea.So just the basic white dresser. And it's super boring. I attended a class by Brooke Ulrich over at All Things Thrifty last summer. If you haven't visited her site, you are missing out! The girl is a whiz at awesome DIY. Check her out by clicking here. She gave me the courage to paint what I hated and that led to a new life for this boring dresser...
So here I am with my ugly dresser. The top is scarred, and none of it's pretty. My hubs taped off the sides for me, removed the dresser drawers and we went to work. I love the color combo of grey-white and black, super classy.
Since I just painted my home office grey I used that paint, along with a little of this... Rust Oleum Hammered Black paint with primer. It took two coats of each color of paint I used (grey and black), and luckily for me it dried fast! The drawers were already white, so I left them, and sprayed the knobs with the same Hammered Black as the top.

The final reveal...
Total cost for me $6. But if I didn't have left over paint I would have used 1-2 cans of "Dove Grey" spray paint ($5-$6 per can). You can also use molding to give the bottom or top of a piece a new look. The original bottom of this dresser was plain and in an attempt to upcycle it a few years ago we added molding (cost was under $6).

I am hoping all the love and attention I gave this dresser will make it more fun to put away laundry!?!

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