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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Crafty weekend

I found my inner craft geek and spent the weekend with her. Don't worry, I'm not crazy even though I carried on complete conversations with myself while I was crafting. I am excited because I've been finding ways to redecorate the twins' room--Note to parents of girls: Princesses are not cool after you turn 9. So Santa has been asked to take care of part of the project--love that he shops Target clearance sales and I've heard he got some killer deals--and I am doing the accessories.

I am putting on my thinking cap and getting out my glue gun and air compressor to fix a few things. The girls each have a bulletin board in their room. When I first decorated their Princess room, I bought inexpensive boards and had covered the cork in Princess material and then stapled the frame back together and added their names down the side with wooden letters. Now that Princesses are not cool, I was going to just get them new boards, until I saw how expensive the kind I wanted was. Using my skills from HGTV, I took off the letters from the boards they already had, let them pick out fabric from my trunk of inherited craft crap, and made them French Memo boards. See attached pic for awesome results. I also found a cute lamp at Target, but it wasn't the right colors so I covered up the non-matching color with ribbon I had, that will eventually coordinate with their new room.

My second awesome project are these "quiet gloves" for Danni. She has a hard time sitting in church, don't we all??? So I threw these together last night at 11 p.m. after the Utah vs. Air Force game--I needed a few minutes to recoup my roller coaster of emotions.

I was pretty thrilled that my crafts worked out.

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