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Friday, October 22, 2010

Free Money

I ran across another cool website.

This is a new couponing source. You sign up on their website and they will deliver to your home, local manufacturer coupons. This is a new offer that starts Nov. 1. There are only certain zip codes getting them, but try yours and if it doesn't work you can always send it to a relative's house in your name, provided they don't want to use the service themselves. Limit one per household. I love finding new ways to save money!

Also I met Andy for lunch yesterday and received another money saving offer. Visit for a buy one get one on family games. The games are between $20 to $25, but there are 2 codes to choose from that will make one game free. So you pay about $30 after shipping, but get 2 fun family friendly games. The games normally retail for $18-$27 each, depending on where you shop, so this is still a money saver.


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