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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween???!!!???

I am so grateful to live in an awesome place. Each year our church organizes a Trunk-or-Treat. Most of you know what this is, but if you don't we all get together have chili, scones/rolls, donuts, have a costume parade and then send the kids around the church parking lot to "trick or treat." This takes lots of work and volunteers, so to any of you who helped this year THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I love this because of course, it's family friendly, and I get to talk to adults which normally I don't get to do. Also it keeps everyone safe. I have ample photo ops. The kids get more than enough ghoulish goodies and we're done with usually very little crying or frostbite.

This year we did a new thing at our house. We decided that since the Trunk or Treat took care of our trick or treating needs, we had a family fun night instead of braving the cold again for more goodies on Halloween. I know that as the kids get older they may not want to stay home on Halloween--great I say. Take your friends and you can go freeze your backsides off. But for this year, we had a homemade pumpkin pizza (shaped pumpkin, not veggie pumpkin), candy carnival, spider making night all our own. This makes me so happy that I didn't have to bundle everyone up--why go to all that trouble when no one will see how cute their costumes are??? and brave the cold, wet weather with tiny people who will undoubtedly have to go to the bathroom at inopportune times, or get cold and cry to come home when we're on the opposite side of the neighborhood.

Don't get me wrong-I LOVE HALLOWEEN. It's my favorite holiday. But I wanted to have fun too. This year everyone got what they wanted.

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