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Friday, October 15, 2010

Neighbor Gifts

I am an OCD personality. I accept it; I deal with it; I have tried to make it a friend. So as I have been checking out deals and coupons I've come up with a few gifts that won't break the bank, but will still tell my neighbors and friends Merry Christmas.

1. Pouch of Betty Crocker Muffin mix about $.44-.89 "You're getting 'muffin' for Christmas." OR Corn muffins Cornbread or Mix - "We're not trying to be "Corny" we just want you to have a Merry Christmas!"
2. Metal whisk filled with candy kisses; about $.50 at the $ store. "We 'whisk' you a Merry Kissmas. Hugs & Kisses"
3. Bottle of Glade or air freshening spray ($.94 and usually coupons are in the paper) "Merry Christmas, hope it doesn't stink."
4. Bag of Jolly Ranchers $1; "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas."
5. Star ornament $.25 at $ store; "May His light shine in your home this holiday season."
6. Wooden spoon, about $1 for 5 at the $ store- "Whether stirring up cakes, cookies, soups or souffl├ęs; You'll find this spoon useful in so many ways. But whatever it's use, it says, "Merry Christmas from us to you!"
7. Cinnamon Sprinkles - You can make your own Cinnamon sugar and get bottles at Ikea or buy the premade colored sprinkles for $.89 at most stores.(Cinnamon & Sugar, or cookie sprinkles); "May your Christmas be sprinkled with laughter and love!" Merry Christmas!
8. Any Sweet Treat (can buy in bulk for about $1 or less per gift)- "Wishing you a season filled with sweetness!"
9. Chocolate or regular Oranges - "Orange" you glad we're Friends!?" Merry Christmas!!
10. Bubble Gum or Bubble Bath - "May your holidays "Bubble" over with fun!! (.$20 per pack of Bubble Yum at $ store)
11. Pencil and Notepad - "Merry Christmas from our pad to yours!!" or Merry Christmas to a "noteworthy" friend!" (.35 per gift)
12. Cookie cutter with favorite recipe attached (These are about $.20-.50 per cutter. I've found them at Roberts and $ stores for cheap)
13. Banana Bread - "Banana Bread just for you, because you have so much to do... We also love you a whole "Bunch" too! Merry Christmas!"
14. Hot cocoa mix with mini marshmallows (.50 with coupons around the holidays) "Warm wishes during this sweet season."
15. Recipe - "Just like you,'s tried and true, just for you! Happy Holiday Baking or Merry Christmas Cooking!" You can print these on cardstock for about .05 plus the cost of anything you want to add to it, like an item from your favorite recipe.
16. Seasoning .33 for a pouch of Western Family seasoning or .50 for a bottle of certain sesonings at Wal-mart. "Jesus is the reason for the season." or "Hoping your holidays are seasoned with joy."

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