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Friday, November 19, 2010

Alternative uses for hairspray

Aerosol cans may not be a popular as they were when I was a kid, but safe ones (and likely some not so safe ones) are out there. They can provide quick fixes for many solutions.
Check out some of these solutions from

Use hairspray to remove ink marks from hard surfaces. Just spray and wipe.
Ink stains on fabrics can be removed by spraying with hairspray before washing.

Ladders in stockings or tights can be stopped by spraying with hairspray.

Spraying newspaper with hairspray gives it a sheen and makes excellent wrapping paper.

Hairspray will preserve leaves in a flower display and help to keep the colour in autumn leaves.
Artwork done in chalks can be stabilised with hairspray. Spray over and the chalk won’t come off.

After polishing metal like brass and copper, spray with hairspray as it will keep it shiny for longer.
Hair spray will remove some kinds of dried on glue.
If you have a zipper that keeps coming down spray it with hairspray containing lacquer and it will stay up.

Spray hairspray onto a tissue and use to pick pet hairs off of soft furnishings. They will stick to the tissue.
Hairspray is a good emergency insect spray and will kill most flying insects.

Spray recipe cards used in the kitchen with hairspray. It will help to keep them clean.
Straighten out ruffled curtains. Hold curtain in folds and spray with hairspray to keep them there. This works best with thin fabrics.

Hairspray will also remove lipstick. Spray and leave for few minutes and then wipe away.
Polish shoes and add a coating of hairspray and they will stay shiny longer.

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  1. We used hairspray at the salon to get hair color out of clothes.