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Friday, November 12, 2010

More Money in My Mailbox

I love my mailman! Ok, I'm not in love-in love with him, but I love what he brings me almost weekly. This week I got more Kohl's cash--$20. I am shaking with excitement at the thoughts of what things I can get off my Christmas list for free from Kohl's. They are one retailer I am thankful for. I should include them in my prayers so they won't fall prey to the evil economy monster. Yeah, they are likely still making money off all the less savvy shoppers who spend more than their $20 coupons. This time I got A. and L. new jammies--for free! I almost passed out at how great that was, only to become more excited when I saw a Dollar Tree is coming my town! What a great day.

My other "free money" came in the way of the Smith's Mega 10 ad. If you live in an area with a Smith's Food or Kroger’s find your ad. Their deals this month have been amazing, and it's on stuff you would actually use--not like buy 200 items get one free, or free cheap toothbrush with toothpaste purchase. The best thing, you don't have to have coupons to make it worth going--course if you do the savings are even better.

We were down to nothing on a lot of things, so I took 45 minutes and ran to the sale. I got 10 Swanson broths, 12 cans Campbell's soup, 7 packages of American Beauty pasta, 4 boxes of BC Fruit Snacks, 6 Carnation Evaporated milk, 6 boxes Quaker Granola bars, 2 liters soda, 1 Ricola cough drops, 6 boxes Pillsbury Toaster pastries, 10 Gatorades, 4 cans of Hormel chili, 2 cookie mixes, 2 boxes of Nestle cocoa, 2 boxes of Stove Top, 4 boxes of Jello and some Captn. Crunch.

The way the Mega sale works is that you have to purchase quantities of 10 participating items in the same transaction--and there are tons of other products I didn't buy that are part of this sale too. You don't have to purchase 10 Hormel chili's or 10 pastas--just need 10 items, and then you save $5 (with your Fresh Values card--also free and available at customer service if you need one) per every 10 items purchased.

I purchased 80 items. It's sad to admit, but I was actually shaking with excitement at the check out. I love the way my Smith's computers work too. They show you the total before any Mega savings or coupons, and then you watch the total rapidly fall as it deducts your savings. It's like going to Vegas and winning every time. So I received a $40 Mega credit and had $20 in coupons. My total went from $140 to $49! I asked Andy to help unload the car just so he could see how much we saved! Yeah and he's big and strong and doesn't hate carrying large quantities to the basement.

Anyway, if you need groceries, or stock up on Holiday items--go to Smith's. Sales are good through this Tuesday and a complete list of sale items is available online ( or at the customer service desk. If you want help on making your dollar stretch, comment on this post or call.

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