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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let it be Thanks were Givin'

Tis the season for snowmen, snowflakes, snow days, and did I mention snow? We survived the "Blizzard of 2010." It's good to know we were prepared, even if the huge dump of that 3 inches didn't do us in. I'm thinking maybe it was a dry run to test us all on our emergency preparedness. Luckily we only had to travel a few miles for Thanksgiving this year, so the snow was not a problem. I count that as one blessing. We had a great weekend. Since it's Thanksgiving I'd like to take a moment to post my blessings. It goes without saying that I am thankful for my family, home, food and warm clothes. After spending 13 years in the non-profit community I have had some pretty eye opening and amazing holidays. I have spent Thanksgivings at the Food Bank preparing others dinner, and Christmases at the Homeless Shelter packing up gifts for those who've met hard times. It's true that sometimes these experiences can make you calloused, especially when you see people taking advantage of the system. However, I've seen incredible miracles too. Families who have literally nothing giving thanks that they are together, men praying and thanking God for leading them to a safe, warm place to stay, new moms receiving basics like diapers and formula for a baby they weren't planning on having, and did. It makes me thankful for basics and opens my eyes to all the extras I have.

This week was especially wonderful. Andy surprised me and came home early on Tues. and had Wed. off. So I had help nearly the entire week. I am most thankful for good surprises, which sounds simplistic I know. It is hard to keep secrets in our house--even good ones. We usually celebrate special occasions early cuz someone can't wait to unwrap or give something. This year I got a husband for 5 whole days--don't doubt that miracles are possible. He made a traditional Thanksgiving dinner--turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, rolls, green bean casserole, yams, pies, Jell-o and squash. Everything was from scratch. I did pitch in and made the pies, green beans and Jell-O. Since I don't touch meat I was off the hook for the big stuff. It was great! I asked each child to list 3 blessings they were thankful for --and it couldn't be home, family or food---that's too easy. They came up with some great ideas. I was impressed they came up with anything, but they listed electricity, school and doctors among their blessings. We watched the Charlie Brown special--a tradition from my childhood and made candy.

We joined my side of the family for more eating Friday. It's always fun to see my kids with their cousins. They are a tight knit group. And of course we finished off the week with a nail biting football game where our team won, barely. It could have gone either way. I am thankful it was in our favor, not for the sake of winning, but for the fact that I can have a happy husband to finish out the weekend with. We also went and put up lights for Andy's mom. This is another tradition we have done for years. It makes me glad to watch the kids watch their dad serving others. They told me he's "like a gaurdian angel. And we get to keep him."

I have 2 more things to get and my Christmas shopping is done--another blessing. I did score a couple of awesome gifts for the twins and the baby. Can't tell you cuz it's a secret, but they will be happy. I also received a book I wrote for Lexi. It turned out really cute. Now to turn my thoughts to the Christmas Tree and how to protect its holly jolly goodness from my blond tornado and tiny babe.......

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