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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

My very funny 3 year old shared the following today:

"Don't freak out Lexi, everybody poops."
"Mom, boobs are supposed to be small not huge." (imagine hand gestures here)
"I learned something new. I can sit Lexi up, even if she doesn't want too."
"No,no, not another 4 years...."
"Where is my Dad, I mean your husband??"
"I just can't do any more chores!!"
"If I can't marry Jack or Daddy, who am I going to marry?? Can I marry one of Dad's scouts?"

"Mom, prentend I'm in love with Harry Potter, okay? Well actually, I am in love with Harry Potter."

I was watching election results and she says, "Uggh, why can't we just watch a kid's show? I don't want to see this momma show."

Lastly she saw a Chuck E. Cheese commercial and came running throught the kitchen screaming "I wanna go to Chucky Jesus. Please can I go see Chucky Jesus?"

It's only noon and I've been laughing for hours.

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