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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holy Crap Batman

What can I say? It's been a week from outer darkness. We've all had colds, I have been stressing about feeding 50 teachers two nights for Parent Teacher Conferences, we have had very little food in the house, and the Utes were defeated in a way I hope to see never again. Blowouts in general are bad: tires, diapers, football--all bad scenarios. Usually I wouldn't care, but where we live, you have to be ready to bat back the banter from the opponent, but not so much you can't sit next to them in church on Sunday. It's a slippery slope. I actually saw two grown men crying at the devestaing loss. Not that there's anything wrong with men crying--maybe the venue just threw me off.

Back to the week of darkness. On Sunday Andy said to me, "I think Danni's sick again." Earlier this year we endured months of expensive medication and surgery to correct a medical condition involving her kidneys and bladder. We thought we may get lucky and be done with it, but such is not the case. I had suspected something was up too. My mom meter had been buzzing all day that something wasn't right...I tried to tell myself it was the cold medication I was taking, but truly I knew better. So fast forward to Monday. Picture it: Me, five kids, rain, wedge flip flops, crying (me & the kids), stress about what's wrong with Danni, and 45 minutes to see the Dr. I raced to school to get the 3 older kids, the raced to the dr., arriving late-yuck. Ran in wedge flip flops in the rain with 4 kids scattering and a very heavy carseat in my recently operated on hands. I fell of course, but was more concerned with the fact that Danni had forgotten a coat and wanted me to carry her. Why don't moms get another set of hands with each baby they have??

My older girls were awesome. Syd took Jack, Abby took Danni and we made it inside and up to the Dr. Of course to check to see what was wrong with D. we had to get her to pee in a cup. This is like asking a llama to perform open heart surgery on a gnat. And D. had just gone before we left the house. So here I am in the Dr. office, trying to get D. to drink enough to get a sample so they can charge me $20 for a result I already know. I am running between the lobby to check on the other 4 kids, while trying to get Danni to drink and not go potty by herself so I can get the much needed sample.

I have to hand it to my older ones. They were great. They did their reading, took the baby and when I told S. to go down the elevator to the car and get the bottle, her only response was "Oh, I feel so grown up."

Finally D. does her business and we get no more than a 1/2 tsp. Luckily it was enough. So the Dr. comes back and says D. has to get back on medication, but we shouldn't worry this is a normal part of her recovery from surgery. Great. Looks like more waiting --FYI I am not a patient person--to find out what the final outcome will be.

I learned a lot this week. Patience is a virtue I have yet to conquer. My kids are amazing and can hold their own, at least on occassion. Modern medicine, although at times pricey, is a miracle. I have learned to look for little miracles everyday, because if I only look for big ones I will miss out.

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  1. Your kids are the best! We will keep Danni in our prayers and I am buying you new shoes!!!!!!!