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Monday, August 8, 2011

Creative Mealtime Monday

I am getting more creative with serving meals. I think it's fun and maybe if things look pretty, the kids will at least give it a try.

Here's some ideas for this week's meal presentations:

Mac and Cheese--Ok instead of the boring out of the box, onto the plate; try making homemade Jack's Mac and using seashell shaped pasta. Cut the bottom half of your hot dogs into 1/8 sections to make an octopus and Mac and Cheese is now Pirate Macaroni or Ariel Pasta.

Tiny Meal--My kids love mini bagel sandwiches. Just pile on your favorite toppings and enjoy. You can also make sliders, using small dinner rolls and meat, or use a chicken nugget to make mini sandwiches. Make mini fruit kabobs with toothpicks and small chunks of fruit and serve mini pretzels.

Layers--Make your Shepherds Pie, Lasagna or other favorite casserole in small oven-safe dishes. Serve in individual portions along with a layered salad and layered dessert like this one:

Katie's Trifle
1 box Brownie Mix
1 lg. box Raspberry Jello
1 lg. box Chocolate Instant Pudding
1 sm. container of cool whip
Sprinkles or fruit for garnish

Bake the brownies, according to box directions and let cool. When cool break into bite sized pieces and place in trifle bowl, or other large round dish. Make the Jello and pour over brownie bites; When Jello is set make pudding and put on top of Jello. Pudding should take about 10 minutes to set. Then frost with cool whip and desired garnishes.

Make a monochromatic meal--but not a brown one. Brown is not an appetizing color to eat by the platefuls. Instead use fruit, veggies and other brightly colored items to entice your family's appetites. Food coloring always works to create colored rice, pasta or sauce for your colorful meal.

Brown Bag It-- pack up sandwiches and get to the park. Don't forget the soccer ball and Frisbee.

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