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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Online Obsession

I have an addiction to online shopping. OK, let's clarify, not an addiction like you're going to see me on an upcoming episode of "Hoarders," more like, "If I have to shop, I'd rather do it online, cuz it doesn't involve kids, gas, shopping with kids and it does include tons of "discount codes" kind of obsessed. Wow, mouthful!

I have been using Ebates for a few months and LOVE it. What's Ebates?? Do you live under a rock? Let me explain. Ebates is an online company you can shop thousands of store through and receive a certain percentage back in a check for shopping online. AND you can use online code discounts too.

For example: The kids needed new school clothes. I hate taking them shopping because there are five of them, and they have opinions and can't make decisions...yadda, yadda. I don't want to be yelling in public at them, no need to have that on tape and sent to CPS.

So I hopped on Ebates, found The Children's Place, Kohl's and Payless Shoes. Bought what I needed through the store's website, but because I logged into Ebates to get to the store site, I received anywhere from 3% to 15% back (in a check) from Ebates on my online purchase. Ebates also has discount codes you can use to lower your total too. I bought $250 worth of clothing for the kids (3 outfits for the older kids, 2 for the younger, including 1 pair of shoes each) and paid $140 including shipping, plus got a check for $8 in the mail from Ebates. That's $26 per kid!!!

I think this company is GOLDEN. If I've totally confused you log onto and see for yourself. And if you purchase from Ebates please tell them I sent you (there's bonuses for referring friends. Use for your reference email). Or, comment here, send me an email or call me, I can help!

This is an awesome way to have cool stuff for cheap. Happy Saving and Shopping.

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