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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mealtime Monday on Tuesday

Yea, I am late in posting. Like it matters, right? I had all the good intentions in the world to do this yesterday, until I opened my fridge and my leftovers that were to be our dinner were gone! I made London Broil and was going to use the leftovers for a Philly style sandwich, but the darling husband took the entire bag to work. Really????? The ENTIRE bag? How hungry do you get? Furthermore, I know you love Red Meat, but are you really going to eat a variation of it everyday for lunch??? Yup!

He did make up for it by cooking dinner last night--we had breakfast. Here's an idea or two for this week....unless someone ends up taking it for an accompaniment to Red Meat.

Chicken Tacos: If you are lucky enough to have a garden throw in some peppers and tomatoes to your meat sauce. If you have kids that aren't too picky, maybe even some shredded carrots or spinach could add color and flavor to this easy meal.

Burgers: I hate to touch meat-you know this. Raw, cooked or otherwise. I eat it, but I have a thing about touching it. Ironic since my grandpa was a butcher. Anyhow, I am trying to overcome this issue and can sometimes pull off a burger or meatloaf meal if I wear kitchen gloves. 

I mix shredded veggies into the burger (or meatloaf) to hide them and still have my kids eat the meal. Burgers on the grill with a little pepper jack cheese, garden fresh tomato, spinach and onion, and I forget about all my idiosyncrasies.

Don't forget about homemade oven fries or grilled zucchini.

Hamburger Stew
Using all of my garden goodies.

Minestrone Soup
More garden goodies

Chicken Strips with dipping sauce. TIP: Don't throw away the ends of the bread! Puree them in your blender/food processor, flavor them with desired spices (I like Italian Seasoning, Parmesan cheese and Steak Seasoning) and save them in a bag or Tupperware. You have FREE homemade bread crumbs for this recipe.

4 chicken breasts
Bread crumbs
Flour (1/4 cup)
1 egg

Salt and pepper your strips of chicken. Set up three bowls: one with flour, one with egg, one with bread crumbs. Dip the chicken into the Flour, THEN egg, THEN bread. You can also put the dry ingredients into plastic bags and drop the chicken in the bag to coat it--easier clean up.

Bake for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees. Serve with favorite dipping sauces. We like Ranch, Honey Mustard, BBQ sauce and Sweet and Sour. I save my extra sauces from fast food places for this meal. This is one meal everyone eats because they can pick sauces that make them happy, which makes me happy.

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