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Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to School Party

I've jumped into back to school with both feet! I have the opportunity to be the President-Elect for our local PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) at school. Next year I'll be President. So this year is great training! I love the girls I get to work with and our principal is amazing.

All of this doesn't alleviate the feeling in the pit of my stomach each year that school starts. Getting all the kids up and dressed, and out the door by 8 a.m. isn't fun. Watching them go off to the first day of school, a little unsure of what's going to happen is hard. I don't like them to feel insecure and even a bit scared. This year hopefully will be easier since the older 3 mostly know the drill. Making lunches every night is the bane of my existence--worse than laundry.

However, education is necessary. I love learning and I was one of the nerdy kids that loved going to school. So I've decided to help us all make the transition to a new year by highlighting all the fun things about going back to school like new school supplies, new backpacks and lunch bags, new school clothes and new opportunities.

We're having a party! Each of the kids get a gift bag full of new things to use. We are having our favorite dinner and desserts. We are having a new organization system (OK, this is fun for me, not them) outlining each child's responsibilities and rewards for completing those tasks so I can restore calm to the chaos.

This year I hope to highlight the positive and fun that school can be, so maybe we won't miss the carefree summer days as much. We still have weekends for Family Fun.

I know the girls are ready to get their full social life back. I hope J-Dog will love his new Chinese class and make new friends. D. gets to start pre-school. I hope she doesn't drive her teacher crazy too much. So soon it will be me and the baby, hanging out. It will be so weird to only have one kid at home. Whatever will I do? Oh, that's right, PTO President Stuff. Never a dull moment!

Party Time People! School's Back!

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