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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break Fun

I can't believe Spring Break is nearly here. That means the end of school is just around the corner! Yeah!?!!?? I swear the older I get, the faster the school year flies by.

Since we'll all be needing some fun ideas here are a few to make Spring Break awesome.

1. Make a Cloud Catcher. Lisa at has tons of ideas to keep you busy, and learning and having fun, all at the same time. She is! The cloud catcher is her March 21 entry, or you can find it under science ideas.

2. Pick one or two of these great ideas from Tip Junkie. I like numbers 2 and 5.

3. Take a kite or Frisbee to the park.

4. Have the older kids make an Easter egg or treasure hunt for the younger kids. Involve the whole neighborhood.

5. Try making Lemon or Lime Bars. I LOVE this recipe Betty Crocker. You can use lemon or lime juice.

6. Clean out your closets. I know, not fun, but an important opportunity to teach kids about sharing, Earth Day, recycling and helping those in need.

7. Plant some seeds. Seeds are cheap and easily available. Start an herb garden indoors, or sow cold weather crops like peas, carrots, potatoes, onions and spinach in a part of your yard. These are all pretty easy to grow in a relatively small amount of space. This year we are growing peas, green beans, carrots, potatoes, onions, basil, spinach and cilantro from seeds. And yes, everyone helps.

8. Watch your favorite movie and share it with your kids. Obviously be wise in what you show them, but sometimes you will find you share interests you didn't know about before.

9. Do sidewalk art. Have an art contest, draw a family picture or a treasure map together. Don't forget to take a picture of your work of art!

10. Share family stories. Write them down, record them, record a relative telling them. Do what you have to do to preserve your family's history. We had the opportunity to copy some VHS tapes of my childhood last week. My kids loved giggling at my hair ("Nice bangs Mom!"), my clothes, ("People wore that?!?") and my boyfriends (Ok, they may have a point there). And even though it was uncomfortable for me at times, I got to share some inspiration with them based on my memories and experiences of my youth.

Happy Making Memories this Spring!

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