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Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Days

Lots of happy things from this weekend.

1- We did this just for fun. I hope they remember this day...

It was a good day, windy (it almost always is where we are), but warm. So we took some time to just hang out.
You can see they really get serious about kite flying.

Ok, almost everyone is serious about it. Really it's up there about 40 feet. He's just takin' it all in. Makes me envious really.....

I did bring snacks, but the baby was busy taste testing nature.

Fun thing 2- We celebrated (early of course. Duh!)

3rd fun thing, well it's really personal....I am down one clothing size. Yeah veggies, and exercise, and carb counting, and more exercise. Really it's not that bad.

Happy Week!

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