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Friday, March 9, 2012

Time and other Precious Things

Loss is a part of life. We deal with it, and hopefully move on. I've lost a lot in my life....a mother, a pregnancy, a brother. Not all to death, but they are gone none the less. Some I may never get back. Life is full of heartache and unknowns.

Do not despair. There are people all around who serve as angels to pick us up and inspire us. A guy my husband and I know from school, and his wife just found out their baby will be born with severe Spina Bifida. They have handled this obstacle with such tremendous grace, faith and love; my heart breaks for them. They aren't sure what they will need to do to help their daughter, but are sure they will be led down the appropriate path to give her the best life possible.

Being a good parent means letting your heart, and its vulnerabilities, live outside yourself. It makes you sad for others losses, even if that someone is a stranger. We hear every day of children suffering in Africa, Mexico and in our own backyards. Let alone the injustices, heartache, disappointments and trails our own children face.

Overcoming these trials is some of what plays into my whole "time over things" mentality. Nope, I am not a perfect parent. I say things and do things I shouldn't; most of us do. We never know how much time we have. Sometimes moments and opportunities only come once. Put down the smart phone, laptop or I Pad and read a book to your kid, do a puzzle, play outside. Whatever you were doing cannot be more important than taking time out. The benefits from spending quality time will always outweigh anything else. It takes the same amount of time to praise a child, as it does to criticize.

In honor of our friend and his family, I am posting their Fundraising Site to help give their little girl every fighting chance. Take the time to pay it forward, whether it be for this family, a neighbor or your own family. We won't leave this life with our things, just our memories.

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