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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Grocery Saving Ideas

This post is inspired by "Woman's Day." I don't think I am old enough to read this. But, I got a free subscription last Christmas...can't waste it, right?

Here's some ideas (some new, some not) to saving money at the grocery store.

1. Look past products placed at eye level. There is often a similar item further down the shelf that is a better deal. I actually tried this last week at Wal-Mart and it's true.

2. Ask for a sample. This may not work where you live, but I know at many grocery stores the produce managers are very willing to let you try a piece of something. Please don't take advantage.

3. Watch the cash register as your items are scanned. I can't tell you how many time the computer is wrong and the price on the shelf is lower. Ask for a fix. They may have to send someone to check, and sometimes their signs are old. However, if the sign is there, the lower price is yours. Also, price match. Many stores besides Target and Wal-Mart are doing this--bring you ad, it may be worth it.

4. Shop on days the stores receive deliveries. The Customer Service Managers will tell you when the meat, produce, Coke/Pepsi, and other deliveries are. In some cases this is when you get a mark down on older items. If nothing else, you will be getting the freshest items shopping these days.

5. Choose your store based on dry good prices, not bread and milk prices. Milk and bread are the items that are sold close to cost, usually. Scan the weekly ads and pick the store with the lowest cost of dry good items, like cereal, for the week.

6. If you want organic, look for the sticker on the produce that starts with a 9. 9 means organic.

Prices will likely to increase over the next year. Maybe this can help you save money.

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