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Monday, April 2, 2012

Dual Use Product Socks

I got creative again this weekend. Want to see???

Ok, so the pic isn't the greatest, but let me just say, this kid DOES NOT like getting her hair done. Something along the lines of lack of patience. Her words, not mine. Anyway we got some awesome ideas from this website Adopt-A-Do. My girls have really fine hair that hardly holds a curl. This pic was taken after school and she still has waves. And it's OUT of her face! Score one for the Mom. Thanks Mindy for the ideas.

We made her curls using socks. The above link has all the details.

Again, it's after school, but La La still has waves and you can see it's styled, at least somewhat. Having four girls should make me an expert on hair, but it doesn't. By the time the baby has hair, I may be one...there's always hope. 

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