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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Egg Dye on the Cheep

I, but how fun is that play on words??

Easter is such a fun time of year. Spring is finally here, the weather starts to warm up (and then gets cold again, and then hot. It had mood swings. Maybe it's a tweenager), and my garden process starts all over.

Here's a great way to use what you likely already have to dye your Easter eggs.

1/2 c. room temperature water
1 Tbsp. vinegar
20 drops of food coloring.

The cool thing about doing it this way, is that you can make any color you want. We made raspberry, turquoise, greenish-purplish-browinsh, yellow, scarlet, purple and green. Also a plain old white crayon-any brand-can be used to decorate the egg BEFORE dyeing it.

It will cost you waaaay less than $1 and can be lots of fun.

Then you can always hide them, or plastic eggs, outside. Which is what we did to keep the kids out of trouble on our first day of Spring Break. 

~Happy Easter!

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