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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome 2012

Happy New Year.

Three days in and we've already had turmoil. Maybe you've heard about the couple in Mt. Pleasant that was killed during a home invasion? They were friends of ours. The husband was Andy's barber for years. It's so senseless, so unnecessary. I hope justice will prevail and their family finds comfort. Losing a parent is tragic, but losing both your parents in such a horrific way is beyond tragic...We love you Fullwood family.

There's more drama going on, but no need to publicize it. No, Andy and I are fine. We are all healthy. Let me just say that other people's choices affect the people that love them. Think ripple effect. The next time you decide to make a "big," life changing decision, just go with your gut. That's why we are given intuition.

Now onto lighter ramblings.
Roberts Crafts is going out of business. This week is 75% the entire store. Let's just say I saved $300 and leave it at that. Yes, the new 2012 budget will be revised and stuck to this year. But 75% off, that's practically giving it away. My girls have awesome stuff to give their friends for birthdays for the next year, and I will be Cricutting my heart out FOREVER.

I also hit the Kohls sale. If you haven't, do. 70% off winter white sale, plus a 20% off shopping pass. So I redecorated my two baths for $35. Two sets of towels, extra hand towels and rugs--$35. If you shop online, don't forget to go thru or to earn your cash back.

Harmon's is having their case sale. Be careful. If you don't need a case of whatever you are running low on, I'd skip this sale. There is a small price break if you buy by the can, but other stores can still match or beat it. If you need cases of corn, green beans, Milford Farms Chicken, Kraft pudding snacks, or black, kidney or garbanzo beans, then hit the sale for that. I suspect other stores will be having better sales in the next few months.

Saving money isn't the only fun I'll be having this year. I have dedicated one day a week is for me. This is not selfish, I just realized that I am at the very bottom of the list of priority people. Even after the dog, and we don't have a dog. I am going to take some language classes and ASL, maybe even Chinese to help J-Dog. I also have time to go to book club, something I didn't think I was going to do, and have time to get my hair cut and likely colored---no more gray in 2012. I am also joining a food growers co-op for fresh produce weekly. So there's some good things on the horizon.

Although we have no concrete plans, Andy and I have decided to go on a trip, away from our home state and without kids sometime this year. We haven't gone anywhere without the kids for nearly 5 years, and that was an overnighter downtown. We haven't be out of state together in 10 years. So it's time. Hopefully karma will help put this all into place. He gets to go on a few business trips this year, so maybe that will inspire something. The first one is to Dallas....maybe inspiration will be hard to find.

The little girls are having their birthdays this month. Baby turns 2 and D. will be 5. Can't wait. D. wants Angel Food cake--ironic?? I said how about Devils Food and Angel Food cupcakes. She thinks the Devils Food is for the baby. Ha Ha Ha.

Looking forward to creating a bunch of new memories. The kids got their Gift Certificates from us for Christmas and were all very happy. They are already planning the dates and places to go. So fun. Maybe this year I will be better about remembering the camera to capture our memories.

Thanks for hangin' with us.

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