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Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Funnies

Last night D. announced she was running away. She had her Tinkerbell umbrella, I Love Lucy purse, Barbie miniskirt and tee, no shoes or coat. She was on her way to California because "this place sucks and my older sister is mean."

Don't ask me what went on between her and her sister. I didn't ask. I did ask her if I could talk to her before she left. She sat on my lap. I asked her how she was going to get to California. She said she'd just "get a helicopter. I have a quarter in my purse." I told her she'd need more than that; she went for my coin jar. When she decided she'd just walk, her Dad told her to take two pairs of shoes.

With tears running out of her very blue eyes, down her very sad face she headed for the garage door. She's too little to push the button to make the door go up, so I figured I could buy myself some time before she figured out how to reach it.

I told her, "I will be so sad if you leave. I really wanted to celebrate your birthday." Her response, "Give my presents to the baby. You have the picture on the wall to remember me."

Wow! Drama Bomb! Her older sister (not the one she was fighting with) came to the rescue and sat her down to tell her a story about a little girl named Bessie who was 5 years old and ran away from home. She was killed (strike that, taken) by some bad guys. "Do you want someone to take you D?," asked La La. "No. I just want to run away from my sister." "Well (and I am not kidding) Satan is making you say that. What would Jesus do? He would forgive our sister, and we can have a tea party to make things better."

Finally La La convinced D. not to run away. As La La passed me in the hall I got a high five and an "I am so good with kids." Yep, she's humble. I could only sit and watch the drama play out, laughing in my head as to not anger my little devil child, and roll my eyes just thinking of all the fun that lies before me with four daughters.

Making memories to last a lifetime, but hey, at least CPS won't be visiting thanks to my older daughter who brought out cake and punch to keep my younger daughter from leaving. Good Day.

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