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Sunday, January 15, 2012

True Love

"Love, true love. Marriage is what brings us together today." (Can you hear the priest with the lisp saying this?) If you are a watcher of the best movies ever, you know this quote is from "The Princess Bride." I love this movie. Ironically it ties for first place in my book with "The Burbs" and "Tommy Boy." Diversity is good right?

Anyhow, how do you know when it's love, TRUE LOVE? When you are diabetic and your spouse knows you are having low blood sugar before you do. Let's go back to last night. I've been trying really hard to be healthy this year. I've struggled my whole life. I hate it. Insulin doesn't help. Well, it does in the fact it's extended my life for almost 30 years, but losing weight, it's not a helpful ally. So I've lost 8 lbs. That's something. I've been really good, and last night all I wanted was a mozzarella stick. It was late, I know it's not good to eat late, but I've withstood the "naughty" stuff for nearly eight weeks.

Andy got in the car and hunted down a treat. While he was gone I started feeling really faint. A sure sign that the old blood sugar is on its way down. Then the door opened and there he was my knight in shining armor, with my mozzarella sticks and a jr. jamocha shake--just the thing to treat my quickly dropping numbers. He didn't know I was falling when he left, but somehow he knew. We can communicate without communicating. Does that happen to anyone else? Surely it must. Buttercup and Wesley had true love.....right?

Only some of you will appreciate the next part, but stay with me. He also used a coupon to purchase said "treat" and the jr. shakes are $1.

Yep, It's True Love!

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