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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Birthday Bash Round-Up

We celebrated the little girl's birthdays last weekend. It was a blast! Thanks to all of you who took time to celebrate with our girls. Of course there was a bit of chaos, and eye rolling (mostly mine, sometimes D.). But we had a great time and hope you did too. Thanks also for your generous presents. The girls are drinking out of their Hello Kitty water bottles, playing with new, fun toys, watching "Gnomeo and Juliet" and eating cupcakes in dress ups as we speak, or write....

Here's a snapshot of the fun!  

We had a cupcake bar. I thought it was really fun and creative.
Ok, so this isn't the best shot, but there's about 10 different toppings, 2 different frostings and 2 sizes of cupcakes for guests to chose from and make their own. I didn't want to be overwhelmed, but you could add more flavors of cupcakes or fillings for more variety.

The birthday girl...actually her birthday is still a few days away, but with a sister so close in date range, I combine the parties. I guess I'm used to this cuz the twins share their day, I share my day with J-Dog, Andy shares his day with my we are used to it. Even 2 of my nephews and a niece and nephew share the same parties. Their birth dates are all so close that it's just easier. My sister-in-law does an awesome thing with her kids. Even though their birthdays are in the same month and they share a party date, on their actual birthday she decorates the table for them and makes them a special breakfast. Way to go Erika! I am adopting this idea from you.

I did make a few of these Happy Birthday blocks. I put these by the kids' plate at dinner on their actual day. We had a Birthday Bear that sat on your plate when I was a kid. Kind of a fun thing to have your day recognized a bunch of different ways.

Here's the actual birthday baby. She is now officially 2. Yikes! She loved the chocolate cake and managed to get most of it in her mouth, instead of on the floor. Yeah!

Now I get a break for a few weeks.....then onto two ten-year-olds advancing another year closer to teenagehood. Double YIKES!

Love the Cupcake Bar idea. We'll be using it again.

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