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Friday, December 30, 2011

Mystery Solved

Some of you may remember that I won a local photo/essay contest last fall, but I couldn't remember what picture I entered, or what I wrote. Yep, losing my mind at an early age. Well last night we solved the mystery.

This is the picture that I am now "famous" for. The exhibit isn't big--about 12 pictures, but mine is one. I named the entry "Wild Child" and wrote about all the good things Utah has to offer families. This trip was a great memory for all of us. We love Snow Canyon, where this pic was taken. There was something for everyone--sand, rocks, hiking, easy walks, beautiful sunsets, picnic areas and more.

To see the exhibit up close and personal, it will be at the Taylorsville Library in January, Draper Library in February, Kearns Library in March, Millcreek Library in April, Tyler Library in May and South Jordan Library during June and July.

Like I said, not a huge exhibit, but my baby is now almost famous.

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