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Monday, December 12, 2011

Meals, Deals and Steals

I think I am losing my mind. I went to Sam's Club, bought a whole bunch of stuff including a box of 50 bags of chips. Then we went to make lunches and there were no chips. I checked the receipt and somehow the chips made it off the shelf, into the cart, onto the conveyor belt, but NOT through the check out. How???

Then I've lost an entire bag of candy, 2 rolls of tape and some glue. I bought it all at the same time, in the same place, but after 2 hours of ripping my house apart---nothing. Although now my closets and dressers are clean.

Seriously, I am getting old and losing it. If I don't write "it" down, out the window of my mind it goes...forever. Maybe it's the increasing numbers of grey hair. Maybe it's the time of year. Maybe I try to do 100 things at the same time. Yeah, it's something.

So here's the post for this's to hoping Santa returns my mind and sanity this year.

Haystacks. Normally I don't get super excited for this meal, but J-Dog is helping me cook tonight. Should be an experience, watching him meticulously place each item in their prearranged dish in rainbow color order.

Rachel Ray Turkey Chili and Grilled Ham and Cheese

Greek Spaghetti
2 lbs.                       Stew meat
1 (12 oz.) can           Tomato paste
1 pinch                    Cinnamon
½ tsp.                      Oregano
½ tsp.                      Basil
½ tsp.                      Garlic salt
3 small                     Beef bullion cubes
1                              Onion, chopped
1/4 cup                    Water
Salt and Pepper    

Saute Onion and brown meat in large frying pan
Add tomato paste, spices, water and bullion, simmer 5 minutes
Put all ingredients into Crock Pot, add 2 cups of water and cook on High for 2 hours
Add water as necessary. Serve over pasta

Mexican Pork Roast
I like this version Cafe Rio Pork

Remake a second night for Pork Tacos

Deals Today Include
Amazon X Box Deal
Right now, pick up the 4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect Bundle for $299.99. Plus, if you order it through this page on Amazon, you will get an $80 credit!  Making your total only $219.99 for both the Xbox and Kinect! 2 Days after your order ships, Amazon will email you a special $80 promotion code you can use on any other Amazon order!

Walmart is doing a crazy sale on Xbox Games… you can get 3 select games for only $30!  That means, each game is only $10.  And that is the lowest price I have ever seen on a bunch of the participating titles.Shipping is $.97, or free if your total is over $45. 

Bebe Bella Designs up to 75% off. Discount codes are on the website.

Right now Target is taking 50% off select LEGO sets! Here are the sets that are available with the 50% off discount:
Finish Line
Right now, Finish Line is doing a 2 for $40 sale on their Women’s and Men’s Hooded NCAA Fleece Sweatshirts!  But, if you purchase 4 of them and then use coupon code PUGKGPD1SB at checkout, your total will drop to $65!!  Plus, shipping is automatically free. That makes each Sweatshirt only $16.25- when they are normally $50 individually! **If you have a hard time finding the deal, just search on the Finish Line Site for “NCAA Fleece”.  They should pop up.  Then, you can narrow down by school. I bought these for Andy and me this year. They are great quality, wear and fit well. Definitely worth the purchase.

This is just a sample of great Christmas ideas.

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