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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goodbye 2011

We had a great Christmas. Everyone got what they wanted, and there were a few surprises. My favorite gift was a Dutch Oven from my parents. I've wanted one for so long and now I have it. It was a very thoughtful, wonderful surprise. My other favorite thing was watching Andy open his new U of U watch--a total surprise, his face was like a kid's. He's the best and deserves a surprise now and then.

Aside from the normal holiday hassle, it was a great celebration. Some highlights not soon to be forgotten include a church service where our bishop was talking about the Virgin Mary, S. Sue asked what a virgin was. Any other mother would have quieted their child and explained later, but I seized the opportunity (much to my husband's shock) and threw a little immaculate conception education her way. Now she, and the row of people behind us are a little more knowledgeable. Consider it my way of paying it forward. Sometimes I feel that when an opportunity to educate my kids pops up, it needs to be taken, no matter where you are.

The other fantastic memory would have to be the baby kicking a dining chair down the stairs and making some lovely new marks in the wall. The wall will get fixed by 2012's end, I am sure.

I am done with 2011. There were some great experiences like our family vacation to St. George, the birthday parties, surviving being a momentary single parent, finishing our kitchen/office remodel and learning new things. Hopefully you've learned something new from this year's posts.

We are preparing to ring in the new year with family game night and pretty much constant eating of tiny foods like little smokies, chips and dip, chicken wings, clam chowder and leftover Christmas candy. Diet starts on Tuesday. Looking forward to a new year. Here's a new recipe link for the new year Best of Betty 2011, enjoy.

Hope you check the blog out in 2012.

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