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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fourth of July Fun

We love the bbqs, fireworks and fun that this holiday brings. It means a lot to our family, not only is it Andy's birthday, and for a brief 29 days, we are the same age, but he served his mission in England and since coming home he is extremely patriotic. So we celebrate big time here.

There will be sparklers, yeah, don't call CPS, the kids are fully supervised and have been through a safety seminar on how to properly use the things. There will be cake and hot dogs, grilled chicken and Popsicles. There will also be marshmallow gun fights, and water balloon fights.

Here is a basic instructions guide to make your own PVC marshmallow gun. Courtesy of Marie at We made a bunch of these after a family reunion a few years ago. Use the tiny marshmallows and have a great time making memories.

You need about 3 feet of 1/2" schedule 40 PVC pipe, 2 threadless T's, 2 threadless elbow joints, and 2 threadless caps (all to fit the 1/2" pipe.)  Oh, and you need something to cut the pipe.  If you're only making a few guns, a hand saw will work fine.  If you're making lots, I recommend a chop saw.

Using a pencil, mark the pipe for the following measurements:  One 7" piece, Two 5" pieces, and Four 3" pieces.  Because I am cutting a billion pieces, I mark several pipes at once and line up laundry baskets to sort the different sizes in.

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