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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Date Night Ideas

Andy and I have had a regular date night for a year, every Monday night. We watch the Bachelor, not because we really care who get chosen, but we are constantly reminded by watching this show that getting divorced isn't an option for us. Going back on the dating scene isn't even appealing. He thinks the show is totally scripted, and it probably is in part. I think that most people need to base their relationships in actual reality, not reality TV. Reality TV is an oxymoron. Anyway, it's a good time to laugh and roll our eyes are realize that our marriage isn't too bad and most times we are happy. Since it is a date night, he usually brings home a treat and a coke and we banish the children to play outside or watch a show. It's a piece of heaven at home. And I know I am really lucky to have a guy indulge in "chick flicks."

Last week we discovered an even more exciting thing to do. RUGBY. Ok, we don't play, but we love to watch it. We watched Rugby Sevens most of last weekend and screamed and laughed and tried to figure out the rules as we went along. Andy served his mission in England, so Rugby was familiar to him, but I've never been exposed. It was so awesome!! And it gave me a craving for football. So happy we have secured our tickets this year and can't wait to feel the pulsating sensation of anticipation at the RES this year.

They aren't expensive date ideas, but they are fun and new experiences. So I guess the advice for the day is finding something new to enjoy with your someone special and make new memories.

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