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Friday, June 17, 2011

Financial Freedom Friday

Debt sucks! I could leave the post there, but you know I won't. I have stuff to share, so read on.

The following is advice from from June 13, 2011. There are some great ideas to really maximize your money and make it work FOR you, instead of the us working for it, which is often the case. helps you track your investments and runs you through current trends to show how your investments work in real time. has a program that tracks your spending to see where it all goes. You have to record your cash spending, but it gives you a good idea of your budget spending. for those of us who are too shy to haggle with our cell phone and cable companies. This site offers the best deals that are available to help you cut your budget. free credit report and offers low interest rates on several financial needs. - helps you save money, develop a plan and there's an app for it. - do you forget about the "extras" you get with some memberships or credit cards? Well this site helps you use your miles that are often forgotten.

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