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Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Break Fun

We have Spring Break this weekend. Yeah!????! Andy is gone to a Scout Camp training and so it's me and the fab 5 all until next Tuesday, when the schools open again. So what have we done to keep busy? Well a preview of what the entire 3 months of Summer Vacation is going to look like.

The older ones got to go to a cooking class and had a sleepover with Grandpa D. and Gram MG. They went to a Family Pasta Making Class and made some good stuff. Syd was willing to share with me and I had fettuccine with a sausage mushroom sauce-delish.

Today we visited the Gale Center (
We had such a good time. The tour guides were so cute with the kids. We were the only ones there and they had a blast. Again, I forgot the camera, but I did remember all 5 kids, so I am giving myself some credit. They got to experience life in the "olden days" and visited an old school house, farm house, grocer and Indian Village. So of course when we came home they had to re-enact it. They have recreated the old west in our backyard and are happily imagining how fun it must have been to hang laundry on the line, which ironically we actually do here in the summertime and it must not be as fun as if you were a pioneer. They are also fishing for dinner, gathering eggs from the chickens and using a basket to gather veggies for lunch. Note to their sewing teacher: the next class the girls would like to make bonnets, please and thank you.

Tomorrow we are having an Easter Egg Hunt and going to visit cousins. Hopefully our Dad will be home and we can have a late dinner together at a new Chinese restaurant downtown.

I also found a fun new cooking website thanks to my friend Christie. It's called It has some great recipes for any occasion and I must say the Strawberry Spinach Salad is divine.
Happy Easter!

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