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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crafty Art

I love making things for my home that look pricey, and of course, have some little trick to them so they are not.

Here's one of my latest. This isn't my own idea, I stole it, but I can't remember from whom. Maybe someone on Studio 5??? Anyway, it's too cute, not to share.

ABC art is super popular. So here's the instructions for this cute word art.

1. Find a stencil with the style and size of letters you like. Make sure the stencil is just ABC's and not numbers too, on the same page. I have seen these stencils everywhere like Hobby Lobby and Roberts (both have weekly 40% off coupons) and even Dollar Tree.

2. Spray paint stencil. White spray paint $.97 at Wal-Mart and you don't need a whole can of paint for this project. May I suggest not using appliance spray takes FOREVER to dry.

3. Use your scraps of paper to cover the holes where the letters are. Use tape to secure them to the back side of stencil. You can't see my white letters too good in the pic, but all the papers not only coordinate with my girls' room, but also with each other. I mounted my stencil on another coordinating piece of scrapbook paper since my stencil was slightly smaller than my frame.

4. Find a frame, or reuse one you already have. Remember you can always paint or redecorate the frame to make it match your project.

This project cost me about $5 and I love it.

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