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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Awesome kids websites

This post is for my mom who asked me a couple of weeks ago for crafty children's websites for her child development class. I sent her my faves, but then I found these links on a favorite new blog called

I hope the blogger Marie doesn't mind if I borrow her post, but hey I am giving her all the credit. For those of you lucky enough to be coming into Spring Break this next week here are a few awesome sights to keep your kids busy. I must add one of my own, so I don't totally plagiarise this whole post. Please check out for fun ways to teach kids new things. Thanks for reading my blog today.

Tinker Lab: Lots of tinkering going on. These are the good and messy kind, really diving in to projects.

  • Chalk in my Pocket: Play and discovery. Celebrating those moments that pop up in the everyday.

  • Childhood 101: From crafting to parenting, lots of playing, learning, and growing.

  • No Time for Flash Cards: There’s no time for flash cards with the fabulous crafts, storybooks, and activities going on here.

  • Crafts by Amanda: She’s got those simple and easy craft ideas that look great using only a few supplies.

  • Filth Wizardry: One of my favorites, they know how to get creative and explore the world around us.

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