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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cover Girl Anyone??

I got a new Bzzkit today from Cover Girl. It has some awesome new stuff...I love trying new stuff. Cover Girl is out with a new foundation and lip gloss balm. The foundation isn't a color I would have chosen myself, but the feel is great on the skin. It's oil free, feels fresh and helps complete a finished look, which is rare for me. It has SPF 10 and 14 different colors. This is the product Taylor Swift has been promoting over the last several months.

The gloss balm is what really got me excited. I love lip gloss and always have it on, even if I don't have other make up on. It's shiny without being sticky. 16 different colors and retails for about $6. It also have SPF 15. They sent me the red color, which again, I wouldn't have chosen, but love the way it looks. It was nice to step out of my comfort zone and indulge in myself a little today.

And of course, I have coupons to share if you'd like to try these fab products.

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  1. I love Cover Girl! Send a few of those coupons my way please :)