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Friday, April 8, 2011

Date Ideas

I have said this a million times, but you can't stop dating your spouse once you are married or you will forget why you love each other. I find my energy spent most nights and having something fun to look forward to gets me through the "ugghs" of many weekday mornings.

I also find myself unable to come up with anything interesting to say to the question "How was your day?" Most days my response in my head sounds something like this, "Oh the laundry was wonderful. It only took 2 cycles per load to fully dry everything. And dinner was so rewarding after spending an hour planning and preparing it. I really enjoyed the fact that half of our children refused to try it. I had so much fun figuring how to pay the bills that when the microwave broke I was overcome with joy!" Instead I say something dull like "Fine." and the night moves on.

As a SAHM, by choice, I need a little excitement. A fun few hours with my favorite person is a rejuvenation to my mind, body and soul. Dating is fun no matter what age you are, or what the status of your relationship is. I am a homebody, but I like a little excitement too. Not that Andy would go with me to a tattoo parlor so I could finally get that bulldog tat, but excitement can liven up a dull existence. As I plan out our summer this week I am trying to incorporate some fun date nights. I'd like to share....

1. 20 Questions. You buy 3 small sized treats like M&Ms, jelly bellies, mini Reese's, mini candy bars, etc. While he's not with you, your special someone buys 3 also. Now with your eyes covered, take turns guessing what the treats are. If you are wrong, he can ask you one of 20 questions about your relationship, and vice versa when he's wrong. These can be anything like "When did you first kiss?" "What did we do on our first date?" or "When did you know you liked me more than a friend?" to something like "What did I study in college?" or "What's my favorite color?" You get the point, the questions can be adapted depending on where you are in the relationship. Thanks to my friends at Dating Divas for this great plan.

2. Recreate your first date. Our first date was nighttime water volleyball. We won't be doing this again, but I can adapt. I would recreate this date with a vicious game of video volleyball or Wii Resort Sport, followed by doughnuts, eaten on the stairs. The stairs are the first place we held hands (awww) and some kind of spark went off.....

3. After the kids go to bed (if you've got any) cook your favorite meal together. Even better, he could make you his favorite dinner on one date, and then you return the favor on the next date.

4. Watch his favorite movie with your favorite snacks, or watch a new genre of film that neither of you have much experience with. We like Romantic Comedies here, but the other night we rented "Social Network." I thought I would hate it, but I really enjoyed it.

5. Plan a service project together. Collect food, blankets, coats, towels, hygiene items and donate them to a local charity. This could also be a fun group date with other couples. You could make it into a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood. It is a good idea to look up the needs list of the charity you are thinking about donating to so you get what they are truly in need of. Most of the needs lists are available on the organizations websites. This event may bring out a new side in your significant other that you haven't seen.

It's all about making memories. Reflect this week about the beginning of your relationship and WRITE it down. Remember all the fun things you did in the beginning and DO them again. A solid foundation between spouses is the best GIFT you can give each other and your family.

And babe if you are reading this, mark your calendar for tomorrow night. I've got plans for us.....

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