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Monday, January 24, 2011

Online Shopping

I should not watch HGTV--Ever!! There are too many things on there that make me break major commandments. I want to do everything to my house that I see on there. I now feel the need to redecorate, rearrange, repurpose all my material possessions. Crap! It's a tough balance between doing what I want and keeping it affordable. Of course I found some ways to make it happen and I am passing them onto you, lucky readers!

I found a great new storage ottoman for my family room. The one we have is a mission style and about 10 years old. While I like it, our need for storage has increased. Also the table is wood and with little ones running around someone always bumps or scratches themselves on it. So I've been looking for a leather one for a little while, but after watching HGTV all night (Andy was at scout camp again) I amped up my search. I found one for $72 at I checked about eight different sites and some prices were as high as $120 for the exact same thing. Of course I always try to beat the best price I find, so then I Googled for discount codes and found one for 10% off. It worked! I saved an additional $7.20 and shipping at is $2.95 on every order. The code I used was 121278. I don't know how long the code will work, but if you need something for your home, or for a gift, or whatever try it.

I have also been working on Story Books for the twins' birthdays. The basic idea behind it is a scrapbook that tells a fictional story where my kid is the main character. They normally run about $30 to print and ship. $60 for books is not in the budget since they want a friend party this year, and have some other gift requests and needs. Using the codes YAYFREEBOOK and SOAPBOOK on I got the books free and shipping was $7 each. Good savings! Again I don't know how long the codes will last. There is also another Snapfish code that may work for 20% off, welcomeback.

I love shopping online purely so I don't have to drag the kids with me anywhere. Many sites have free or low shipping so it's worth it to me to save gas and sanity not going out to buy a lot of stuff. I also love online shopping because it's easy to compare prices and there are almost always discount codes.

There are many websites that specialize in publishing discount codes. However, I find a lot by just using Google and typing in what I need. Sometimes I do have to try a few codes before one works, but spending a few extra minutes searching usually results in a discount.

Happy Shopping!

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