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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mamma Said There'd Be Days Like This

My morning started out with Dannika crying that Jack ate Doby. I am not sure how she knew this, but she was convinced it was true. Eventually when a package of M&M's spilled all over the kitchen, Doby had mysteriously found his way back to our house.

Next I was finishing a PTO newsletter and received the message "Catastrophic Error" from my computer. Really catastrophic???

Next Danni came running in my room screaming that she'd broken up with Seth, our 3 year old neighbor and friend. If this isn't a picture of what's to come I don't know what is. When I raised my eyebrow and gave her my look she said, "No mom, I am serious. I really did break up with Seth, but I am going to marry him anyway."

Jack and Dannika were discussing who was teaching in Primary a few weeks ago. Jack kept saying "No, no it was Sis. Smith* (names have been changed to protect the innocent.)  Danni said, "No! It was sister Potaohead." Thank you Toy Story 3.

It's been a fun filled day. Right in line with yesterday. The older girls were all too excited that yesterday was a flag flying holiday when the 12 pre-teen boys from our neighborhood descend upon our house at early hours of the morning. All giggles and teasing aside, it freaks me out they care enough what they look like that early to become "presentable" even if they don't actually go outside where the boys are. Right now it's just curious looking and peeking out the window. Again, can we all see the writing on the walls???

All this fun on top of opening my mailbox and seeing a summons to jury duty. I think I should break up with my mailman! I know, constitutional rights, freedom of speech, innocent until proven guilty, blah, blah, great blessings living here, but really jury duty??? Please Karma, I love you. I will give extra food to the food drive and buy extra Girl Scout cookies in return for no jury duty. I have until the 28th to see if I have to go or not.

On a plus, I got a note from Jack's teacher. He scored 98% on his Math block test. So he's ahead of the curve and knows now what most kids by the end of the year, and learning math in Chinese. He should pass up all my abilities by next Christmas. His teacher was so proud of him and it was so great to hear such positive news after struggling with all the changes at the beginning of the year. They may all look like Andy, but one of them has got my OCD brains! Yeah!

It never stops and I'd probably hate it if it did!

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