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Monday, January 10, 2011

My Favorite Things 2011

I often post about how to save money, but there are a few things I will splurge on because in my opinion they are worth it. I thought I'd just throw these out there and if you have faves send them my way via comment or email.

Katie's Favorite Splurges

1. Pledge Multi Purpose wipes. These things clean everything and are safe on all surfaces. They really do a good job and are easy for kids to use. When I need to spruce things up quick, they are perfect. They run about $4 for a pack of 25.

2. Sally Hansen wax kit. I was blessed with voluptuous eyebrows. I've been plucking, waxing, etc. since I was 12. The Sally Hansen kit (about $7) comes with pre-measured strips for eyebrows, underarms, bikini area (I don't recommend these strips or any strips for that area) and don't require any heat source. You simply cut the strip to desired shape and size then rub the strips between your hands to heat up the wax. Apply and quickly rip off. It's not too painful, although after 20 years of doing this my nerves are probably severely damaged. But if you have the brow shape you want you can just follow the shape each time you wax and save lots of money not going to the salon for at $15 wax.

3. Redbox movies. Way easier than any other video store. Reasonable for one night of movie viewing...can get pricey if you forget to return them, but if you forget 25 times in a row, the movie is yours to keep for $25. Love the discount codes and that new releases are easily found.

4. Velcro dots. I uses these things for a lot. They come in different sizes and shapes and close everything from backpacks to dress ups to quick hems for clothes. I use these to fix lots of games, toys, doll clothes, kids clothes, hair accessories. They are great and a quick fix. A roll of 100 dots runs about $6.

5. Duncan Hines Red Velvet cupcakes. I love cupcakes--Andy would say I am obsessed. It's true. These are the best brand ($1.29 if not on sale) and so good.

6. Gel pens. I love the Pilot G-2 series. Comes in lots of colors. Writes nicely. About $6-$7 for 5 pens.

7. Victoria's Secret body lotion. These babies are $9.50 a bottle, but are often $5 at the semi-annual sales. I have really dry skin and my heels crack easily. This stuff takes care of all my skin issues and smells awesome. I love the Pear Glace and Secret Crush scents.

8. Flavored, colored gel lip gloss. Many companies sell these. I like Cover Girl, Max Factor and LA Looks. The glosses not only give you shine and sparkle, but are flavored and not waxy. Cover Girl offers lots of colors and they run about $8; Max has a nice selection--a little sticky in application--and run between $6-10 and LA Looks--only offers 4-5 colors/flavors, but is available at Dollar Tree.

9. Isaac Mizrahi shoes. My favorite shoes are purple snakeskin (imitation) 3 inch pumps by Isaac. I love the quality and they wear forever. They run about $40 a pair, which for me is a lot. I love his designs and it lets me add some fun to my normal fashion.

10. For Every Body candles. This is a place in Lindon, UT that makes and sells their own stuff. I love their candles because they are soy based and they have great scents. My favorite things about these candles are that the tops of the candles are decorated. The sugar cookie scent has sprinkles in the wax. The cranberry has two molded berries in the top. Some have glitter or other fun things. They make great gifts. Check out They also sell scrapbook, home decor and other fun things.

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  1. One thing I absolutely will splurge on, even though they're expense, is a hard back copy of a really good book. The kind of book I know I'm going to reread on a regular basis.