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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Here's What I Know

If you asked my kids they would say I know everything. That's because they have yet to reach the teen phase where I know nothing and they know everything. The first thing I know is that Karma will come knocking at my door and biting me in the butt for all the teenage angst I caused my parents. From the age of 4 I thought "I can do whatever I want to do." My mom actually had this recorded and my sweet sis likes to remind me that attitude is genetic (hence my #3 daughter). Anyway I know this teenage drama will descend upon our household in mere months and I've already started checking out Swiss boarding schools.

Here's a few other things I know.

I know today will be better than yesterday if I can see the good in each person and opportunity.

I know trials do not last forever.

I know who I am, my faults and strengths, and revel in the reality that I call a spade a spade. If you don't like it --Leave.

I know that I will hear my mom yelling at me (yes from beyond the grave) for leaving the fridge door open, even though I am 30 something and don't live in her house. She also yells when I open packages with my teeth.

I know someday my kids will all be grown and gone and I will wish that they were home making messes, arguing and calling my name. I won't wash the mirror in my room sometimes just to keep the little handprints awhile longer.

I know I am funny, even if I don't mean to be. I know I roll my eyes without realizing it, please don't misinterpret the eye roll--sometimes it just has a mind of its own.

I have guiding principles that have made me the girl I am today. Sometimes I forget who I am in the midst of running kids around, grocery shopping, dinner making, laundry day, volunteering, mentoring and all the other tasks I am responsible for. If you need a minute to find yourself, consider the following:

1. What three characteristics do you admire in other people?
2. What words of advice do you find yourself repeating to your kids?
3. What cliches or aphorisims are repeated in your home?
4. Is there a quote or saying that speaks to your soul?
5. Complete this pharase, "If only people would learn to ___________ they would be happier."
6. Complete this phrase, "If only people were less ________ the world would be a better place."
7. When I need comfort I turn to:
8. When was the last time you felt perfectly at peace?
9. What is one thing you are constantly pursuing but never quite achieving?
10. When I need answers I:

Thanks Angie for the inspiration. We have become the person we are because of the decisions we make every day. Remember the "Quilt" post? If not, go back on this blog and read it. I think it's good at any age to remind yourself of who you are and who you are not. Sometimes making decisions are easier if you know yourself first.

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