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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Fun

We had a great Christmas holiday. The kids were all happy and got what they wanted. We saw family and caught up with old friends. We had great meals and made lots of memories. And then we got the flu and the worst cold I've had since 1999. Wouldn't be Christmas without it!

One of my favorite things this year was spending time with my cousins, aunts, mom and sister at a cooking class, gifted to us by wonderful Aunt Elaine. Let me just say that biology doesn't make a family. Family is made up of those who love you and accept you for being you. They are there for you no matter how much money you make, where you live, what you drive or what you do. The women I was with were not blood relatives (ok, except my sister) and they are more my family than many of my actual relatives are. If there's a silver lining to losing my mom way too early it's being accepted into the Shurtleff family and being included in family events without exception. It was fun to learn new cooking skills and just relax with this amazing group. Talk about great memories--this is mine!

Although we've battled illness most of this winter break, we've had some fun. It was really fun to watch the kids open their gifts. Danni didn't stop jumping up and down...everything she opened was her favorite. When she lost her new kitty toy and Andy found it she said, "Now who's a good daddy?"  Jackson got a new U of U bed set and finally gave up his holey baby blanket. The girls loved their new "growning up" room decor and the pillow pets from Grandpa and Grandma. Lexi loved shaking the boxes and crunching the paper.

Now onto the new year. We've always said the years we've had a new baby have been the hardest. You would think after 1 or 2 kids, the tough years would deter you from having more. I'm not a fast learner apparently, maybe it's a math thing. I am grateful for my little family and love them very much, but financially, physically, emotionally, mentally...adding a new baby stresses out all my abilities. I will be glad to usher in a new year and hope it's happier and healthier than 2010.

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