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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Craft Geek Strikes Again

Last week I had some time to spend with some friends talking about fun Holiday traditions. My friend Kenndi makes these cute countdown calendars for her kids each year. I don't have a pic, but I'll try to explain. I think I am doing this next year!

Roll out about 2-3 feet of tulle, cellophane or saran wrap. Place treats (notes, candy, money, etc) spaced evenly along the wrapping. You can make 25 spots or 12 spots--however many days you want to countdown to Christmas. Once the treats are placed, roll the treats into the wrapping---rolling it into a long tube. Tie off each treat so when cut, only one treat is cut off at a time. She made cute tags with each kid's name and hangs them in her house a part of the decor. Too Cute, Thanks Kenndi!

I also have a few quick, cheap decor ideas.
Take 2 paper plates, any size, but they must both be the same size. Paint them red and white and let dry. Invert them and glue or staple the edges together. Wrap them in red cellophane. Tie the ends with fancy ribbon or wire. I made these this year and hung them on my porch garland.

String leftover ornaments on festive ribbon and hang them with pins or teacup hooks inside windows, on banisters or along wall overhangs.

Wrap empty boxes and decorate them to add size,color and dimension to existing decor.

Use plain colored plates and spell holiday words with vinyl lettering (or you could use paper letters if you didn't have extra plates). You can display on plate stands (available at dollar store) or plate racks.

We have really high ceilings. I like to make the whole room part of my decor. I used a piece of holiday wire and tied paper die-cut ornaments and the words Merry Christmas to the wire. I hung the wire across an archway in my front room. It catches the light nicely and makes use of space I rarely use.

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