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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cheap Family Fun

We've had lots of family time this month. It's been fun, and loud and I had no idea all my kids were so competitive. It's funny how little kids are just as excited (or sometimes more) about the paper and boxes as they are about what came in them.

One thing that helps us relax and enjoy each other is a good game. It doesn't matter if it's electronic, board game or cards. Although my patience runs very thin after trying to figure out that Miss Scarlett killed someone in the ballroom with the wrench with five little helper detectives who may or may not look at their cards to see where on the board they should be headed. It almost becomes "what mom did to one of the kids in the basement with her fire blowing eyeballs." Anyway I had a great idea and tried it out on the kids. So far so good, and it only cost $1.

I found some cheap dice (8 for $1) and then printed a bunch of dice games off I keep the dice in an empty Similac can and in this one can, there are variations of about 10 dice games. There is room for pens and a small pad of paper for keeping score when necessary. Literally a game on the go, constant entertainment and of course to make it more appealing to my kids, I renamed the games with Pirate themes or Harry Potter themes, since that's what they are into these days. Just a quick trick to keeping everyone happy and busy during the downtime.

Heck they may even learn a math trick or two.

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