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Monday, December 13, 2010

Favorite Day

Yesterday we participated in my favorite holiday tradition. We made cocoa and grabbed our doughnuts and drove around to see the lights. Some were really pretty--Temple Square quality. Others were "funky" and left something to be desired. Does Santa really belong peering over the manger, Jesus and Mary?? How about Christmas pigs? Really we live in a rural area, but lit Christmas pigs with green and red bows IS NOT a Christmas decoration!

We voted on our favorites and least faves and decided our simple decor held its own. The kids sang songs together. Let's clarify--they were all singing at the same time, but not the same song at the same time. Even the baby joined in with her squealing and laughing.

It was fun to hear what appealed to them. We saw a house with a Y on the left and a U on the right. Syd said she liked this house the best because "the U was on the right side, because it's the right school." Brainwashed, possibly....Brownie Points, definitely!

We got to bring an extra person along. Doby (Harry Potter's house elf) has apparently joined our clan. He lives in Danni's princess tent in the basement and spills water or punch at least once a day. He's also in charge of helping Danni cast spells, turn on TVs, forget to turn off lights, etc. At least I don't have to feed him and she gets some entertainment that is not electronic on any given day. Doby's favorite was the red and white lights--maybe he's a Ute too.

Anyway it was a great day and I loved sharing it with my kids. 12 days and counting....


  1. At least Your house guest has a name! He is known as Mr. Nobody around here! We went to see the lights last night too! Ava serenaded us with Rudolph and Jingle Bells!!! Love that our family traditions live on!!!

  2. Nice to see Mr. Nobody is still around. I hope your Mr. Nobody is nicer than the Mr. Nobody we grew up with!