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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sock Monster

We have a very large and satisfied Sock Monster at our house. How do I know he's large and well fed? Because half of our socks are missing. We tie-dyed a bunch of new socks for an upcoming party and even 2 of those came up missing. So there must be a Sock Monster--that's the only logical conclusion, right? Couldn't be kids leaving mismatched socks in the bottom of the dryer or behind the hamper. Surely they are conscientious enough to check their aim as their clothing sails through the air and magically into the hamper every night, right?

In any case I have a load of mismatched socks and I can't throw them away because I am convinced that the Sock Monster has a wife or a girlfriend who will force him to return the stolen socks and I will be ticked when the match shows up if I've thrown out the other sock.

So what to do......

Considering some of these socks have been mate less for months I considered setting them up to make new unions--but that seems too political--forcing matches where clearly they have not much in common--should stripes be with polka dots? I don't really care, the baby would think that was great, and luckily I don't care what the neighbors think. Still these socks have a lot of life in them so they should fulfill a purpose, even it it's a purpose not original to their design.

Here are some ideas just in case you too have a sock monster at your house.

1. Dust rags--a child's hand, or your own, can easily slip inside to clean up dust.
2. Doll clothes- cut a neck of out the toe, and arm slits in either side of the sock and your doll has a new dress or shirt.
3. Tie-dye the leftovers to make new pairs of "matching" socks.
4. Hackey-Sac/bean bag- fill the toe with beans, sew into a ball shape, cut off extra.
5. Coin purse- you can purchase a small purse clasp at many craft stores and attach it to the top of the sock.
6. Party Invitation- "This Birthday will Knock Your Socks Off" or "Have a Heel of a Good Time at our Party." Slip the invite inside the sock and enjoy the festivities.
7. Drink cozy- (for larger socks). Cut off the toe and place a coffee/tea mug inside to keep beverage warm without burning your hands. You can adjust the height of the sock as necessary.
8. Sock curls or sock bun. Click HERE or HERE for instructions.
9. Sack for small objects- we are constantly losing pieces to games or finding missing pieces to games. Maybe sock sacks could be a temporary home for these things until someone has time to return them to their rightful place.
10. Seriously--make it a game and see who can find the missing sock, or for that matter the sock monster.

I have heard to keep socks matched, put them in a lingerie bag and not in a hamper. That's a great idea. I am just happy for the clothes to make it into the wash each week---sock organization be darned! (HA, HA, HA)
Happy Hunting!

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